“life is a race; Desire the goal.”

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giedovan der garde


If one knows how to achieve a dream, it’s Giedo. He reached his main goal: Formula One. But being a born racer, he is still active in the World Endurance Championship with Racing Team Nederland.


Giedo is available to share his experienced pointer view on racing on television. In the past few years, he became a familiar appearance on several tv-shows such as Viaplay, Late Night and the NOS.


Not only does Giedo share his knowledge on television or in a racing car: he’s also available to give presentations with funny, inspiring and informative insights about racing and the connection between business in general and racing.

Cravt Real Estate

Next to racing, Giedo has started his own real estate agency called CRAVT Real Estate, mainly focused on high end and luxurious property in Amsterdam. More information: cravtoriginal.com/real-estate



Of course; driving a car up to 300kph + makes every man unordinary. Giedo however knows how to balance his focus with humor and authenticity. Once the vizor is closed, and he’s in the car, you should leave him alone. He knows what he’s doing. But aside from that moment, he’ll be ready to have a quick chat with you. Whether it’s in the pits, the grid, or the garage. This year, he will finish the WEC Super Season, followed by the 2019/20 season. After a succesful debut with Racing Team Nederland, it’s now time for a new achievement: a podium. And with Giedo on board, there’s dedication to achievements in the house. At the age of 7 he told his mother: one day I will become a Formula One driver. He worked for it, became World Champion and sacrificed a lot. Only to realize his dream: F1. A new dream has now arisen, in terms of a podium in WEC and thus the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A perfect and unique opportunity for you, to contribute to the dream.
  • 1996Dutch champion karts (mini junior)
  • 20006e in WK formule A (karts)
  • 20015e in WK formule Super A (karts)
  • 2002World champion Formule Super A (karts)
  • 2003Winner KNAF Talent First project
  • 2004Participant Formule 3 Euroseries
  • 2005Team Signature PLUS, Team Rosberg
  • 2006Team ASM Formule 3
  • 2007Formule 1-testcoureur
  • 2008Champion in the World Series
  • 2009GP2 Series and GP2 Asia Series at iSport
  • 2010GP2 Series at Addax
  • 2011GP2 Series at Addax
  • 2012Test- and reserve driver at Caterham
  • 2013Driver at Caterham, Formule 1
  • 2014Test driver at Sauber, Formule 1
  • 2015Winner KNAF Talent First project
  • 2016Champion LMP2-klasse / 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • 2017One-time performance in the Audi Sport TT Cup
  • 2018LMP2-class FIA World Endurance Championship
  • 2019LMP2-class FIA World Endurance Championship
  • 2020LMP2-class FIA World Endurance Championship
  • 2021LMP2-class FIA World Endurance Championship
  • 20222022 IMSA Michelin endurance cup LMP2



Giedo doesn’t take life too serious. Unless he’s in a racing car, where he’s literally risking his life. Outside of the cockpit, it’s mostly fun and laughter. That’s why Giedo is a good addition to any kind of television show.

Besides racing, Giedo has a lot of other interests to talk about such as fashion, music, sports in general and world events. Just no politics, but you can’t have it all.

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Hear about top sport mentality from someone who has given its all to achieve the top. Many people think being a top athlete is a selfish job, but it actually requires a lot of teamwork. That’s why the comparison between a company and sport is spot on.

Next to giving his own insights, Giedo is also available to host your event and interview other guest appearances.

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Hear about top sport mentality from someone who has given its all to achieve the top.

cravt real estate


Next to racing, Giedo has started his own real estate company called CRAVT Real Estate, mainly focused on high end and luxurious property in Amsterdam – and renovation of property.



  • Jul 15 - Jul 16Lime Rock Park
  • Aug 4 - Aug 7Road America
  • Aug 26 - Aug 28 VIRginia International Raceway
  • Sep 28 - Oct 1Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta


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